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How to add Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress login page

We can make a WordPress website more secure by changing login url, through server htaccess file and using WordPress security plugins. In this WordPress tutorial, we will learn about how we can more secure our WordPress website using GoogAPTCle reCHA security.

Google reCAPTCHA is useful to stop hackers to publishing malicious content on your website. GoogAPTCle reCHA security helpful to reduce the spam messages which you receive from your contact form. If you are receiving a lot of spam from your website contact form you should also add Google reCAPTCHA on your contact us form.

The Google reCAPTCHA on your WordPress login page should effectively stop the hacking script and brute force attack from attempting to login on your Website. To use the Google reCAPTCHA first register your website with Google to get the required API keys.

Now follow the below steps to add the recaptcha on your WordPress login page:-

Install the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft plugin and activate it.

Next go to settings and the screen looks like below:-

Google recaptcha wordpress

Now enter Site Key and Secret Key under Authentication and click on save. When you will log in again you found will found google reCaptcha on your login page. Using this plugin you can also add google reCaptcha on comment form, contact us form, Registration form, Login form, Reset password form.

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