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How to add checkbox in react native?

In this tutorials we will use a package named @react-native-community/checkbox to add checkboxes in react native. So follow the below setups:-

1) Install the @react-native-community/checkbox package like below in your application

yarn add @react-native-community/checkbox


npm install @react-native-community/checkbox --save

On iOS, install cocoapods:

npx pod-install

2) Link the module in your application

react-native link @react-native-community/checkbox

3) Import the package

import CheckBox from '@react-native-community/checkbox';

4) Example
follow below example to use checkbox

import React , {useState } from 'react';
import CheckBox from '@react-native-community/checkbox';

 const [toggleCheckBox, setToggleCheckBox] = useState(false)

function AddContactScreen ({navigation}){

  return (


export default AddContactScreen;

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